Glitch Series 1-5

In the early 2010s I became fascinated by Glitch Art, the upcoming Vaporwave aesthetics and combining them both.

The works shown here were made in the course of 2014. Most of the glitchy elements are pure, non-intended glitches that I randomly encountered and was lucky to capture.

In contrast though, glitches that I made by intentionally corrupting data are shown in glitch_series_00006, the hand poster for Econore, and glitch_series_00008 g_00201220_iWtchY(orig), which consists of screenshots of unsecured webcam footage from the internet.

glitch_series_00005 flat beach is the misfit in this series as this isn't based on a glitch at all, but the representation of a non-text file in a text-editor — yet I associated this image with the aesthetic I was trying to capture during that time.

Eventually, the more glitch art became filter than artefact my interest waned.

glitch_series_00002 *Beachball of Death*
glitch_series_00003 *Stage 7777*
glitch_series_00004 *xYTx*
glitch_series_00005 *Flat Beach*
glitch_series_00006 *Hand Poster*
glitch_series_00007 *xYTx (Vers. 2.0)*
glitch_series_00008 *iWtchY(orig)*