Teenage Engineering OP-Z encoders popping out? Here is how TE repair fixes them.

The OP-Z, particularly its encoders – the round coloured disc knobs – do suffer from a widely known problem: They start to pop out / up or even fall out after a while.

I've read many solutions to the problem. However I went to SCS Servicecenter Siedler in Neuss, NRW (Teenage Engineering's certified repair shop for the world, except USA and Canada) directly to get answers first hand.

They explained that TE were a bit hesitant to add enough glue to the encoders to hold them in their ball bearing enclosure and the magnet in the knobs (which in conjunction with the hall element under it) pushes the whole knob outwards after a while.

I could wait standing next to the workbench for the repair. This is how they do it:

  • Pop the encoder knobs out by either knocking the back of the device a little or use a LEGO Technics axle or the similar looking parts on the OP-Z phone stand to lift them out.

  • Then they add a drop of Cyanoacrylate (aka superglue) onto a suitable carrier (like a piece of rubber or plastic)

  • and spread a tiny amount of it around the the stem of the knob. Maybe you can see a little residue from the original glue.

  • Push it back in (green – blue – yellow – red).

  • let it sit for 5 minutes

  • and done.

No remagnetising, no plumber's tape (although I kinda get the tape idea).

The important part is to not overdo it with the glue to prevent anything from leaking into the bearings.

And that's how the official TE repair solves OP-Z encoders popping out.

The gate of the big building where Servicecenter Siedler has its workshop
A metal security door in the basement is the entrance to Servicecenter Siedler