Static Dynamic Wallpapers for iOS / iPhone

Apple introduced a parallax effect with iOS 7 that moves the background image in accordance to how the iPhone is held or moved. I experimented how this would affect the rendering of a single-pixel patterned background, especially how sub-pixel rendering is managed and could potentially be glitched.
The outcome of this is that with the right colours, patterns and arrangement one achieves a somewhat metallic effect.

Exploiting my findings I created a set of background images / wallpapers for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S (the current devices during that time) to be released as a download gimmick for my Econore label. For a lack of better wording I called it pseudo-dynamic wallpapers.

The effect is best – if not only – be seen on a iOS device, with parallax effect turned on and the wallpaper set and not resized(!) as the background for either the home screen or lock screen.

Links to the fullsize images in this post:

UPDATE: The wallpapers do also work for the iPhone SE (1. Gen)

UPDATE 2: I recently found that about a year after my publication Hideaki Nakatani (Heyeaded) made the same discovery and dedicated a whole site to this effect. He provied a lot more infos and has a collection of metallic wallpapers supporting the most recent devices.