Oudenarder 3

This record was made in early January 2020, during the last days before I left my flat in Berlin-Wedding; leaving the city for good.
Sitting in my nearly empty flat I wanted to capture the space that I called home for nearly 10 years. I hadn't prepared to record anything at all, so I improvised with the tools I had: A Pocket Operator, my iPad, an old iPhone 4S, both with some music apps on them, a stereo as an amplifier and the room itself.
All recordings where done in one take with a Røde stereo microphone on my iPhone that I placed in the middle of the room.

The first track is me walking around the flat whipping a cable connected to the stereo, closing and opening doors and a window, letting distant sounds from Oudenarder Straße pour in.

The second track came to live during a sunny afternoon, being alone, sitting on the borrowed couch (pictured on the cover) that I got from my neighbour upstairs.

The third track was an experiment with the Fugue Machine on my iPad and the Contrast app by Aero Deko that I had installed on the old iPhone. I made a stand-in beat for it that I wanted to replace with something more fitting, more appealing. However, I accidentally deleted the Fugue Machine track on the iPad before I could record the song with a better beat. So this is the only recording of my composition.

The fourth track is a recording I made very late at night after coming home from a concert at Madame Claude.

After all, this record holds a very special place in my heart…

CD comes in old-school CD-Caddy
Engraved disc (data side)