Gateshead Multi-Storey Car Park [Ramco's No-Word-Edit]

Remix and Artwork for Langham Research Centre's Gateshead Multi-Storey Car Park

This tape came into being when I was researching the relationship of sound and brutalist architecture.
Iain Chambers of LRC was really into the idea of releasing the piece on tape and tremendously helpful in realising the production of it.

There was the idea to include a version of the piece stripped of the interview parts. The original recording files, though, weren't available anymore. So I was offered the opportunity to produce a remix of the original track into a non-vocal version.
I tried to be as respectful to the original recording as possible, because I adore the composition of the piece and also wanted to keep the idea of a tribute to the architecture untouched.

When researching the Trinity Building for this production I found photographies by Iain Lynn of the Gateshead Multi-Storey Car Park that went into the artwork of the tape. Surprisingly, it turned out that Mr. Lynn was present at some of the Interviews that were part of the original musical piece by Langham Research Centre.