New release ALICE / ATLAS / OPERA


Year Title Info Type
ALICE / ATLAS / OPERA Music based on a field recording by Rosa Menkman and data from CERN Audio
In Summer Three ambient tape tracks Audio
Artwork: Louzy — Songs I hear when I dream of You at night Cover Artwork Image
Magnets Making sound with magnets Audio
Artwork: Zoul – Manta Aquatic art for music CD Image
Artwork: Iain Chambers – Concrete Paris Artwork for Iain Chambers' "Concrete Paris" cassette Image
Mega Rick - Miami Doesn't Sound Bad Right Now (My Fat Ass Is Gonna Sink Miami) - EP and Artwork Miami Bass Audio
Deamrea fugue/serialism and musique concrète Audio
Glucc Wavy interpretations of hazy impressions Image
Todellinen Nussija Artwork Artwork for Real Fucker Image